Julius "JuJu" LaCour


Julius LaCour, Jr. is an American fashion designer born in 1985 New Orleans. Determined to be different at a very young age, Julius fell in love with fashion icons and the designers that dressed them. Unable to afford designer fashion, he began creating his own designs. Julius taught himself to sew at 13 years of age. He started by reworking the pieces he already owned and transforming them into unique and daring creations.

Julius has worked to turn his passion into a career through the decades that follow. Amidst rigorous coursework at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, he solidified his life’s passion and launched his first fashion label while still a student. The unbridled youth of those early designs continue to advise his contemporary pieces. 

A cavalier young graduate, Julius was taken under the wing of Chicago designer Agga B. Raya to deepen his practical knowledge of the fashion industry. Shortly thereafter, as winner of the CS Magazine Italian Expo Competition, Julius explored Italy. Immersed in Italian luxury, his field of vision expanded and his aspirations multiplied.

Returning from Italy, Julius took Chicago by storm. His career accomplishments include a sold-out solo fashion show at the Drake Hotel Chicago in 2011 and a blockbuster presentation at the historic Murphy Auditorium in 2012. Seeing himself as his greatest competition, Julius made history be becoming the first designer to ever execute a solo show in the main tent at Fashion Week Chicago.

In 2014, Julius shook up the house with a bold statement. He announced that the company would be relocating to New York and undergoing a transformative rebrand. The house now carries his own name, Julius LaCour. He recalls, “My name haunted me for a year. The monicker now gives the brand a sense of maturity while still evoking youth.”

Julius continues to push the boundaries of fashion and challenge perceptions. What’s wrong with a man in a skirt? Why is a woman in baggy clothes not sexy? By combining couture finishing techniques with expressions of the taboo, Julius brings to light modern subculture. This juxtaposition creates a unique and dynamic line unlike any label on the market.


“If you think couture is a dream, then grab a piece of it. Dreams are meant to be followed.”